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Hi. We're Modern Kitchen. Thanks for joining us here. We believe in meeting each other at the table, and the kitchen counter, and on the kitchen floor playing with your kids (or your friends' kids, or your cute dog).

Bring Something New to the Table

We believe in good food made thoughtfully. We believe in using a modern approach to create traditional foods without compromising on taste. And because dairy is resource-intensive, we're remaking dairy itself — without cows.

Using an animal-free whey protein that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 91-97% compared to protein from cows, Modern Kitchen cream cheese has all the creamy deliciousness of regular cream cheese, but without any animal impacts. We love making food and sharing it, so we’re starting in the kitchen.

We’re bringing something new to the table, and we have a seat ready for you.

See all the flavors.

To learn more about how we do it, find our FAQs here.

For even more info about our modern ingredients, learn more from our partner Perfect Day

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